KFT 2023 Day 1

Jun 24, 2023 | News

Clear skies and the sun making its way up top. The early morning in Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet is all about the start of the 2nd edition of the Kayakcentre Fishing Tournament. 49 Anglers got on their kayaks and made their way down to entrance of ‘Jachthaven Atlantica’ for the start. After the national anthem, they all moved onto ‘het Haringvliet’ chasing Pike, Perch and Zander.

Today’s major challenge was finding fish that were in to play. A tough challenge that some anglers managed better that others. The leaderboard had 30 anglers that uploaded a catch to TourneyX. Mainly Pike and Zander made their way to the board. The usually greedy Perch were hard to find and harder to catch.

Todays top 10 is as follows:

  1. Leo Pegels – 257 cm
  2. Martin Jacobs – 239 cm
  3. Gijs Schalij – 227 cm
  4. David Jacobs – 198 cm
  5. Oliver Schäfer – 187 cm
  6. Daniël van der Post – 185 cm
  7. Mike Haywood – 185 cm
  8. Martin Breuer – 173 cm
  9. Ian Pickering – 168 cm
  10. Michael Weber – 164 cm

Check out the standing of day 1 here