KFT 2023 – Final ( Day 2)

Jun 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

David Jacobs wins the 2nd edition of the Kayakcentre Fishing Tournament 2023! A remarkable 2nd day lifted him over the top three after noon. He managed to find the fish needed to bring him to the top spot and leave the 49 other competitors behind him!

After the first day, much of the talk going around was the temperature and lack of wind. Unfortunately, the heat didn’t disappear overnight, and the wind was not supposed to pick up until early afternoon. Despite all of this, the anglers were happy go out and by 7:00 AM, they rushed onto ‘t Haringvliet. Most strategies were build on getting Zander early, get a pike, and eventually find those perch.

This resulted in crowded Zander spots early on and quite some fish coming into scoring in the morning. Like the day 1, the Zander were best tempted to take the lures and both Pike and Perch were not extremely active. The leaderboard blacked out at noon and at that time, local angler Leo Pegels was defending a solid lead. Gijs Schalij, another dutch angler, followed Leo and Oliver Schäfer finished the top 3 at that point. Big question now, will Leo succeed defending his position.

The patrol boat met Leo on the water and he was struggling with finding the Perch and Pike (not unlike many others) today. He got his three Zander in relatively quick, but could not complete the bag. It wasn’t enough. David Jacobs passed him with a superb afternoon and claimed to spot! Pegels moved to second place and Gijs Schalij defended his 3rd place.

The top 10 is as follows:

  1. David Jacobs (UK) 452 cm
  2. Leo Pegels (NL) 413 cm
  3. Gijs Schalij (NL) 379 cm
  4. Oliver Schäfer (DE) 372 cm
  5. Martin Breuer (DE) 367 cm
  6. Alexander Vandekendelaere (BE) 346 cm
  7. Juergen Salz (DE) 341 cm
  8. Michael Weber (DE) 338 cm
  9. Daniel van der Post (NL) 333 cm
  10. Ian Pickering (UK) 331 cm

Alexander Vandekendelaere finished 6th, but also managed to catch the biggest fish of the event. A 99cm Pike did the trick during day 1.

All results can be found here